PTL generates BAC transgenic mice by pronuclear injection of BAC transgene constructs provided by PTL clients. PTL currently generates BAC transgenic mice in C57BL/6 or B6CBAF1 backgrounds. Client needs to submit  a plate with bacteria containing BAC transgene construct and a PCR screen protocol (primer sequences and PCR condition) for each BAC transgenic service. PTL guarantees at least TWO transgenic founders for each BAC transgenic project. Please note that germline transmission of the BAC transgene is not guaranteed. PTL also provides the service to modify BAC for our clients upon request.

BAC Transgenic Mouse Service Includes:

  • Purification of BAC transgene construct
  • Pronuclear injection of BAC transgene
  • Screening of transgenic founders by PCR
  • Shipment of two or more transgenic founders

Timeline for this service is three months.