Precision Targeting Lab, LLC (PTL, LLC)  provides mouse genetic services.  PTL develops proprietary technologies for the production of transgenic and genetically modified mice. One of PTL's key technologies increases gene targeting frequency from 0%-5% to 30%-60% in mouse ES cells. Improvement in gene targeting frequency speeds up the production of  genetically modified mouse models. This  translates into less production cost and faster delivery of our products. Genetically modified mouse models are guaranteed for delivery within 12 months or less with PTL’s full gene targeting services.

Why  PTL

Genetically modified mouse models have contributed substantially to biomedical research since gene targeting technology was developed in the 80's. Although gene targeting and transgenic techniques mature over the past two decades, mastering these techniques is still time-consuming.
Outsourcing mouse genetic projects to a reliable company specialized in these techniques will be time and cost efficient.

PTL and PTL Guarantee

PTL believes that high-quality and affordable mouse genetic services will be possible when efficient gene targeting and transgenic technologies are used. PTL invests significantly in developing new gene targeting and transgenic technologies. PTL implements strict quality assurance in every production procedure. To assure our clients their projects are taken seriously, all PTL’s services are backed by 100% refund guarantee.